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Sunday, July 3, 2011

AI Cookbook is going to kill me

Well,  No entries for the new cover.  Very sad and disappointed about that.  Had hoped for a lot more responses to the cookbook and upcoming Anime Iowa panel.  I mean I always have a packed room, standing room only, each year and run out of copies of my cookbooks and food long before the crowd thins.  So I thought i would get at least a dozen entries to judge and a new cover to grace this year's fantastic cookbook.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Cookbook Cover for upcoming E-Z Japanese Treats

Yes the COOKBOOKS. Still trying to get a new cover for this edition of the cookbook. I have links to the previous cookbooks on the Google Doc. If you would like to submit a cover for the cookbook.

E-Z Japanese Treats 2011 Summer\Fall Edition

And the Walls shall drip red from the blood of the Fallen Ninjas... Those who paid the ULTIMATE sacrifice to become the Ingredients for the food that will be served. And It will be such Wondrous Food, with Flavors and.... (handed Important looking Letter) Mumbles to self while reading the letter....

WHAT DO THEY MEAN "Ninja Cannibalism is deemed to be a War Crime according to the Asian Cuisine and Commerce Treaties of 1853 and that such a breach will invalidate all Food licenses held by say person."!!!!

Welcome to the Chaos

To bring you all up to speed in point blank time.  I cook and teach rooms full of people about Food.  Not just "How to cook" or the origin of the Cuisine that panel or day.  I demonstrate and express the nature and essence of the recipes.  I break down the barriers of new and confusing vocabulary and ingredients.  I have the attendees sample the food from the menu of the recipes I will be demonstrating for them.